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The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door - Karen Finneyfrock
When I received this ARC, I was extremely excited to begin reading it because I was familiar with and impressed by the author's spoken word/slam poetry work. That, coupled with a ringing endorsement from [a:Sherman Alexie|4174|Sherman Alexie|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1333515890p2/4174.jpg] on the cover, made this seem like it would be a real treat for me.

Unfortunately, this novel didn't grab me like I had hoped, and I stopped reading a little before the half-way mark. Though I liked the opening and found some humor in the writing, it felt forced at times and the narrative didn't always flow smoothly. Developments like the new kid, Drake, disclosing his sexual orientation to our protagonist within days of meeting her felt unrealistic and only necessary to push the plot forward. There was much potential here, but I didn't find enough in the story to keep my interest.