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The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series - Lois H. Gresh Inaccurate and poorly written

Unfortunately for fans of the Twilight Saga, this unauthorized companion will not sate any thirst you may have as you wait for the official guide to come out. As other reviewers have mentioned, the book was riddled with inaccuracies about the plot and characters in the Twilight series. These weren't small misses either. For example, claims that Edward is able to project thoughts onto Bella's mind (which he can't, per the books) and Bella's age are significant plot notes. The list of inaccuracies in this guide goes on and on, and I was able to easily notice them all, even after having read the original Twilight series only once.

It seems apparent that the author of this guide had little to work with due to limitations on copyright re: the characters and Twilight franchise. Therefore, she tried to bulk it up with uncited references to vampires and werewolves from other books and movies and long, boring quizzes. There's also much waxing about the author's ideas of what things were like for her in high school decades ago, with an attempt to relate it to current younger readers, which comes across as strained and fake. As an adult reader, this also got annoying as I was hoping to see some characters insights or plot analysis, but no such luck.

If you do want to check this book out, do it as your own risk and save some change by getting it at the local library instead (like I did).